Thursday, May 8, 2014

My bucket list

A friend of mine died recently. Before he left this plane, he said several times, "I have no regrets."

And as it sometimes happens when witnessing a sudden death like this, I began to ponder my own frail life. If doctors found terminal cancer in my vital organs and estimated I had a mere three weeks left to live, as they did with my friend, how would I live those three weeks? If I died in a car accident tomorrow, would I be afraid or would I be at peace?

Truth be told, I would definitely have regret if I died tomorrow. I am one of those people that keeps a bucket list. I even set New Years Resolutions and yearly goals for myself (though I don't necessarily achieve them). It seems like I let too many things get in the way of me actually completing the majority of my goals with work being the number one offender. I feel that in order to achieve more of these bucket list items I need to change the way I think about making plans, and the way I manage my time in general. Otherwise, 2014 is going to be just another year of hectic deadlines, running errands, fulfilling duties to earn money to pay the bills which I have as a result of just existing.

So here's to me working towards a few of my many bucket list/New Years goals:
   *establish a daily writing practice (for enjoyment - blog, short stories, poems, etc)
   *complete a book proposal before September 23
   *complete a first draft of my book
   *play more games and have more fun
   *spend more time outside
   *spend less time on Facebook
   *finish my paintings of Paris
   *fall in love

These are all things I will likely be writing about on this blog (along with my two adorable and sweet terrier dogs).

Wish me luck!