Friday, August 22, 2014

15 Signs You MIGHT Be An Alcoholic

You might be an alcoholic if...

1. Your friends have ever had to close out your bar tab for you because you passed out in a bathroom stall. 

2. You are relieved after you puke because that means you can drink EVEN MORE.

3. You pre-game before the pre-game ... and maybe you top things off with a nightcap. Or two. 

4. While nursing one glass, you're thinking about the next drink you want to order. 

5. You've ever tried to hide a black-eye you can't explain from the night before.

6. Morning afters usually require your friends to fill you in on all the silly/dramatic/angry/crazy sh*t you did the night before. 

7. Embarrassment or shame from your drunken activities makes you want to drink.

8. You drink to wake up.

9. You drink to celebrate, and to mourn, and to forget, and because it's Tuesday, and because ... sunshine.

10. Social situations are AWFUL ... unless you have a drink. 

11. It's difficult, if not impossible, to keep track of exactly how many drinks you have in a night. Or how many it takes to get you drunk. 

12. A friend has ever said they don't like you when you're drunk. 

13. You've ever thought "I just want this feeling to stop" while drinking and you kept drinking anyway. 

14. You do things you would never EVER do while sober. 

15. Hangovers and being drunk have ever made you late for, or mess up at, work. 

Notice, none of these had anything to do with:
  • age
  • race
  • gender
  • job description/status
  • education level
  • financial security
  • hometown
So, while most Americans imagine alcoholics are homeless people wearing trenchcoats and carrying brown paper bags ... those are just the "Hollywood alcoholics".  

Alcoholism can affect anyone. 

Are you one of us? 

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